In search of his dreams, he looked for new horizons. He emigrated to the United States, where he has forged his own name based on effort and sacrifice, earning the respect and affection of the people who have surrounded him and with whom he has worked, always bringing honor to the name of his beloved El Salvador. From working long hours in two or three jobs a day, like many immigrants - in restaurants, clothing stores, in farmers market selling ceviches …. Orlando gets ahead.


Making his way in a foreign country and a new language was not easy, but his drive for success and his desire to represent El Salvador and Latinos, helped him overcome many obstacles and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities he found in the United States. His work reflects both his roots in Latin America and his appreciation and love for the nation of the stars and stripes.


From his creative mind, passion for cooking, fashion and decoration, and with help from his mother Mirna, sister Monica and his partner Dave a world of multicolored has arisen. His brand is influenced by his latin and Salvadorean roots  and it has satisfied the most demanding tastes in California. Being and adventurer and goal-driven man,  Orlando enters the world of fashion, without detaching himself from his beginnings and determined to hold the name of his nation high,, he how launches  his brand Lulie Larin, with a line of purses and a fascinating casual collection with a cute character.

I am Maggie ®

From that facinating and creative imagination, MAGGIE was born, with a help of a friend and Designer Larisa Ninel from El Salvador.  Maggie represents Latinos Dreamers with that desire to get ahead and mark territory where they go, conquering their dreams, goals and providing the joy and color of Latin America.